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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
I don't understand spending money just to get the same car you already have. Why not just wait for something new?

This isn't directed at you Rob since a lot of members on this forum have done the same thing. I just dont get it, I dont know.
Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
Their previous car might be out of warranty for starters.
The price might also be just right to make the sale.

If he's going from an '08 to '13, then he'll not only be able to enjoy some new perks of the '13 M3 (the new iDrive for starters as the old one was just a disaster) but also enjoy a full warranty, including maintenance, and also be able to switch up the colors and features (6mt to DCT). Just personal preference and something you can do when you have $$ to spend on something you really like.

I was willing to trade my M5 in for a different color combo, new iDrive, full warranty instead of CPO, etc. if the price was right. I LOVED the car and didn't want to change it for another car, just 'tweak' it a bit.
I'm actually saving a few hundred dollars on monthly payments on a brand new one built the way I want it WITH more options than my current one has. Who wouldn't want that?!

As for Crisp's response, he hit the nail right on the head! I've always loved the DCT, Mineral White and Fox Red combo. Now that I had the opportunity to do so, I went ahead and took the plunge to get the ///M of my dreams with more options than my current one!

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