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Had a question for all those who helped out on this before. I recently put on an Akra midpipe (love it) and while i was doing the install I noticed that the header gasket on the drivers side was totally shredded. When I pulled off the stock midpipe what was left of the gasket ring just fell off along with the fitting that the midpipe bolts up to. Gasket ring on the passenger side was fine (see pics below.) Any chance this could have contributed to the low dyno numbers? I am going to schedule another dyno run and will post up the results, although won't be directly applicable since I will be doing it with the full Evo setup.

New gasket ring v. old

Old one on passenger side still in good shape

Whats left of the old shredded gasket fused to the stock midpipe

The midpipe has never been removed - bought the car new and I've never had work done that would require removing the stock midpipe. Anybody ever seen this before?

Loving the added power and smoothness from the Akra x-pipe, such an improvement. Can only imagine how much better it will get with a tune!
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