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Ready for winter - thanks to hockey pucks!

Got a set of OEM 18s (gunmetal) with Conti DWS for winter from fellow member Fakebreakr a while back, and figured it was time to mount them last night.

My wife had a meeting, so she took my car and I loaded the tires (and kids) into her CX-9 to run to a gas station with free air to get them ready to mount (maybe I'll ask for a compressor for Christmas). Kids are happy in the car, watching a video, and I pull into a QuikTrip and proceed to pull all four wheels out of the back and set them up on the curb close to the air. Popped off all the valve stem caps, grabbed the hose from the air pump, and... the valve is completely missing from the hose. Sonofa...

So I pile all the tires back in the car, drive to another QuikTrip, confirmed that their pump worked, and got all the tires up to pressure.

Ran home, pulled out the wheels and set them out in place along with the floor jack I'd picked up from Northern Tools. Pretty fun seeing my garage laid out ready for a "pit stop".

I'd picked up a couple hockey pucks (hard to find in Tulsa) and had cut one down to size and drilled a couple holes. I put the finishing touches on the adaptor while I waited for my wife to get home - sanded and scored (with a utility knife) both surfaces before applying Gorilla Glue and then sinking a couple screws:

My wife got home - she was a little surprised to see my "pit" - and we got the kids in bed and I got to work. The adaptor and jack worked great, as well as the lug wrench I'd picked up (it extends for extra leverage - came in handy).

Going from the polished 19s to the gunmetal 18s definitely changes the look of the car:

Once I got them all changed, I took the car out for a quick drive. There's a big parking lot near me that's usually empty that I can play around in. Was impressed with the feel of the car on the 18s! Now I can see why this is the stock setup and the size of choice for track work. Felt noticeably more "tossable".

I didn't think of getting the scale out to check the difference in weight - does anyone know the variance between the stock 18s and 19s (wheels and tires)?

Glad to get it done. No inclement weather in the forecast yet, but it's going to be a busy couple weeks with the F1 race in Austin and Thanksgiving coming up.
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