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Question Dealer claims faulty CAS unit, up to $900 to replace, what to do?

Took my 2008 e92 M3 to the dealer this morning to have it's break pads and fluid changed.

I also asked them to address this issue I've been having where I can not change the settings for my M Button as they are grey'd out in the menu and when pressing the M Button I also get the function set in the regular 3-series steering wheel button that the M Button replaces, such as mute audio.

I thought this was going to be a simple reset or at worst reprogramming of the car. However got a call from the dealer in the afternoon saying that the car "thinks" it is a regular 3-series and not an M3 at all. They also said they can not reprogram the car back to an M3 because the CAS module is not responding. They even apparently tried a "backdoor" access to the system but got an error from the CAS module.

The dealer service manager went on to explain that they have to order the CAS module specifically tailored for the car from Germany and I could be looking at paying up to $900 dollars for fixing my M Button!

Everything else works fine on the car and I can set the power and edc presets for the key, just not for the M Button. The M Button does activate Power and Sport EDC that were previously set for it but it also says "Navigation System Operational" as that is set for the regular 3-series quick button.

Any advice how to sort out this mess without being out close to a grand? If I do have to replace this CAS module, is it possible to get a pre-owned unit or are they assigned to VIN?

Would greatly appreciate any input!