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Possibly making the switch!


I live over at 5 post due to me owning a 2012 535i M Sport. My work requires me to leave the country for extended periods of time and when I'm not at work I'm obsessing over cars. Back in August I went back to Florida on vacation and picked up my 535. While there I suffered a "drivetrain malfunction" and was forced to bring my car to BMW for service and while there they let me go for a spin in one of the M3's they had on the lot. Now I'm back overseas and that drive I took in the M3 haunts my nightmares..... Now don't get me wrong, the 535 is an amazing luxury machine but it seriously lacks power and when I take a corner at speed I need to clutch the wheel for dear life. Anyway, I contacted my guy over at BMW and he found a Alpine White 2011 E90 with black and red interior loaded with 14k miles. If I trade in the car (and give them an additional 4 grand) I'll be a proud new M3 owner. Basically I'm looking for all of you to tell me this is a great idea, I should stop thinking about it and just DO IT.