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Originally Posted by Precision View Post
I've been looking for a new daily driver slash original bolt on toy. I need something reliable, headache proof and that I can mod and drive without worry of my wallet getting tortured. I've been considering Saabs and Volvos and after some toying on the net they seem like they'd be fun but Im not sure about how reliable etc. These are the ones I've been thinking about, feel free to chime in:

Saab 9-3 Viggen 230hp/258 ftlbs
Saab 9-5 Aero (Manual version) 230hp/258ft ftlbs
Saab 9-3 HO 205hp/209

Volvo S70 T5 Manual 236hp/243 ftlbs
Volvo 850 T5

They are safe cars, seem to be comfortable and nice to drive with entry level luxury specs and apparently respond very well to bolt ons, I also thought it'd be nice to have something different and sleeper like but reliability and cost of ownership is my main concern.
Can't say much about the Volvo's as I haven't owned one, but did test drive a S60R, and found the turning circle/steering lock to be about on a par with the USS Nimitz.....

Saab's I can talk about, having owned about 6 of them.

I wouldn't really recommend any of the three you listed tbh.

The chassis/steering of the 9-3 (including the Viggen) is awful.........avoid.

The 9-5 is a bit better, but I wouldn't consider the 99-01 230hp, first generation model Aero.

1st facelifted 9-5 Aero's with the revised suspension, sports seats and 250hp are a much better prospect.
Even better are the next gen ones from 04-05 that had the re-designed PCV system to stop the engine sludging issues.

The 04-05 cars are the pick of the 9-5 Aero and I would recommend them.
The best 9-5 Aero's are the 2nd facelifted
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