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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Most Americans agree with this approach
Yup, because most Americans fall into the bottom 4 quintiles which wont be nearly as affected by the tax increases as those in the top quintile.

If the vote was weighted by the amount they contribute to the pot, the result would have been different. (not entirely unreasonable approach, if I own 5 units in a condo tower, I get more votes during HOA meetings than someone who owns 1, because more of my money is being spent by the HOA, so I should have more of a say)

The fact that it was as close as it was should tell you something, as clearly 48% of people dont represent the top earners, but they realized that putting the screws to job creators who already pay more than their fair share (based on CBO data above) might encourage them to look at just how green the pastures are elsewhere.

In your example, the left may not be happy with reductions in entitlements, but there is NO risk of them all leaving and consuming their entitlements elsewhere, thus putting the American providers of these services out of work.

Pretending that two groups with vastly different opportunities of choice will react the same to a theoretically balanced loss of benefit is naive, and downright self-defeating if you are trying to create jobs and economic investment.