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Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
I wasn't expecting to pay more than $150 considering the feedback received on this thread and other forums. Having talked to a BMW tech-he advised that the update should not take more than 1.5hrs.

**Update-I negotiated the software update at the dealer for the price point I can live with. That being said, will this void my warranty even if my car does not need it at this juncture?
I asked my SA about the SW level as per my PM, but was unsuccessful in obtaining the exact information. All I was able to get from him was that the car took the update correctly, and so it is currently at the most recent level. Seeing as they don't pick and older SW version unless the car has a problem with the newer one, I'd say I am as reasonable as possible that it is now running the latest SW. I know it doesn't really answer your question, but it's the best I could do.

In regards to the warranty, my SA told me the warranty on the car stays intact if they do the reflashing successfully, no matter who requests it and who pays for it. According to him, one of the reasons he tends to discourage his clients from asking for an update is that during the update process, various electronic modules have been known to crap out occasionally - in a situation like this, the customer is on the hook for said modules if they requested the reflash in the first place.

Given this information, I think if you want to reflash your ECU you are better off with an aftermarket vendor who should take responsibility for the entire process.

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