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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
If you look at the early APEX wheel GB threads (started by APEX), I think they said you can stuff an 18x10 with a 285/30R18 wheel on the front with a small spacer on stock suspension. Just looking at it, don't see how you can get a 295 on the front.
Right, but the KW CS spring perch interferes with a 275/35/18 in front unless it is very high ride height (according to Apex, on 18x10). I went ahead and ordered some 5mm spacers just in case, but I plan on just taking out the helper. I'd really like to run at least 285/285 at some point, but I guess I'll have to take measurements and see. I know Richbot and others have ran larger than that for AX, but on a narrower rim IIRC.

Frankly I think 275 up front should provide pretty good front grip, but the rear feels so good with 295's to put down power that it irritates me to have to either have a bit of natural understeer (stagger) or run narrower in rear to balance it out.