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Cargo net confusions

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a cargo net via ebay but actually from a dealer based in London. The net arrived with a total of 6 plug-type connectors which would appear to plug into the floor. However, my boot (trunk) has 4 rings (2 front and back) which would appear to suit 4 hooks..
I called the dealer direct and they asked for the part no which i read from both the invoice and the packaging and these tallied up to my vehichle registration plate, so he assumed the net was incorrectly packaged.
The guy then agreed to "order" me another and send it together with a returns bag for the original net.

I received the new package today to find another net the same as the first.

I called this evening and they said they would call back but didn't. I guess they ran out of time today so tomorrow I will go to my local dealer and ask if they can help identify exactly what I need, as well as what the nets i have are actually for.
Wish I'd gone to the local dealer in the first place but I assumed ebay would be cheaper for some reason. I'll find out local dealer cost tomorrow too.

Anybody else had this issue?