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Originally Posted by Groundpilot View Post
Sounds good. Did you notice increase in power?
And the answer is.......F@$k yeah.

I first loaded the ESS Akra tune without the exhaust installed per ESS recco, and it felt like it pulled a little harder for sure.

The next day I installed the exhaust system and I felt a very noticable difference in throttle response and torque.

The sound is perfect, not too loud, no freeway drone, nice low grumble off the start, nice loud rasp in 3rd at 6-8k, great note on the freeway when you one or two gears too high. It makes you want to drive differently and the driving experience is more pleasurable.

I can't wait to drive it today, it's been a few days as i've been down with the flu.

Carbon tipe looks bitchen too...

BTW, I installed the BMC filter and it seems to take from the exhaust experience by adding an awkward intake rasp. I will be swapping them to verify that's what it is and will report back my findings. I will tell you that the BMC was the first mod I did and I liked the added sound I got from the intake, but now I'm not so sure it compliments the exhaust system.

Thanks a bunch to Roman and the guys as ESS for everything!!!