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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
You've already stated that you can't justify the M5 in Alaska, so that option doesn't make a lot of sense. And you're happy with the Denali, so swapping it for an X5M doesn't make sense, since you don't know if you'll actually like it more than the Denali. So doing the X5M doesn't make sense either.

How about either keeping the status quo or swapping the M3 for something that is drivable in the winter? Not sure what area you are in or what the conditions are, but would an AWD sedan be workable in the winter? Audi S6?
I've considered ad RS5. Believe it or not there is one for sale at the Audi dealership in Anchorage right now and I drove it while I was up last week. Great car and my wife liked it, just not nearly as practical as my M3 sedan. We actually took the little guy with us to look at the car a second time, put his seat in the back and all. We "fit", but with my wife's seat all the way forward. It would work a little better once he moves to a forward facing car seat but the tough part about driving it (or any car that sits low) is the ground clearance when it snows a decent amount. I would have no problem driving the X5 anywhere all year with the right tires. Here's the link to the RS5 I checked out. Funny story, the guys wife made him return it after 1k miles, said the ride was too stiff. They're willing to work on the price, but Audi is only bringing 1500 of them to the US and this is 1 of 1 in Alaska so...