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Dilemma, M3, M5, X5M...

Hoping to poll you guys for some opinions on what goes in my garage. First off, I've extremely blessed to have the options that I do and am very thankful for a good paying job in this economy. My situation is relatively complex, on a temp work assignment in SoCal, primary residence is in Alaska where I will be returning in the next year or two (I'm back and forth now).

Our current stable includes my E90 M3 which I ordered new and picked up at the performance center, and my wife's GMC Acadia Denali that we picked up last year to serve as her daily driver and our Motorhome tow vehicle.

I'm typically all about change, and we've had both of these cars longer than I usually keep them. Love the M3, not a single complaint. Actually really enjoy the Acadia Denali, has more creature comforts than you might expect (HUD, Heated/Ventilated Seats, etc) and has massive cargo space that's perfect for our dog and all our baby stuff (we have an 8 month old little guy with plans to add more). We also use the 3rd row on occasion when we have family in town.

Here are the current options I'm considering:

1) Sell the M3, replace it with an M5, and keep the Denali as my wife's daily and our tow vehicle

- Benefits of this option are - I'd have an M5 in the garage. Also, we would maintain the dual purpose Denali for my wife and wouldn't need a 3rd cheap tow vehicle, plus it's already setup for towing.

2) Keep the M3, sell the Denali and replace it with an X5M. Add an inexpensive Wrangler to the fleet as a dedicated tow vehicle and beater.

- Benefits are - I'd have what BMW would consider to be the "Ultimate Garage". Regardless, if we are taking the M3 as a family (which we rarely do), or the X5M, it's going to be an exciting drive. Since we're in the SUV most of the time, we'd be spending more time in an exciting vehicle.

3) Don't do anything, keep the M3 and the Denali.

- Benefits, easy and we really have no complaints.

The underlying complication here is that when my assignment is up in CA, I'll be heading back up to Alaska. There's no way I can justify taking the M5 back to Alaska and have it sit idle through the winter. A little bit easier to justify taking the M3 but still a bit of a stretch, our road system is so limited having a luxury sports car just isn't very practical. Yes, I know practical is a funny word to bring up considering the options I listed above If I go with the M5, I'd need someone to assume the lease when I leave. I would plan to take the X5M back to Alaska and hang on to it for a while.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts. I'll post pictures of the end result. Here are a few of the current setup.