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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
If you can't comprehend what I just posted then you are the one that is confused and lost. It's very simple. The car is noisy (transmission noises, rear end gearing noises, etc.) and too rough riding to be used as a daily driver for me. For godsake go read NAGTROC and there are tons of owners there that say the same damn thing. Doesn't make them want to sell the car or make it a bad car. It just means they don't use it as a DD for the same reasons I just stated.

As far as one's butt hurting goes, I think it is you and others that get so "butt hurt" when anybody says anything negative about a GTR. I've said it many times, I think they are wonderful cars...just not for me. Why can't you people just accept the fact that there are tons of people out there that just like what they like? Its why Baskin Robbins makes 64 flavors.

LOL obviously you couldn't sense my sarcasm and I love trolling forums when I find someones weakness. Yours is anytime a GT-R is mentioned you get your panties in a twist, so I like to get at it sometimes late at night after a few beers I could talk shit on the GT-R all day and dislikes, but dont even get me started. I could do the same about BMW. Im picky and I have owned many cars of many flavors to compare it to.

Dont be so damn serious. My grandma said my 7 series rides rough and why on earth would I drive it to dinner and pick her up. The funny part is the reason you mentioned the GT-R being a bad DD is not the reason I find mine a bad DD. The ride is actually great "FOR ITS PERFORMANCE LEVEL". Night and day better than my 997.2 gt3. If it rides rough for you, I would stick to the luxury sports cars like an aston, m6 or a Jag. I would put it up there with anyone who daily drives a Ford GT or Challenge Stradale. Of all the cars in the performance of the GT-R, the only one I can think that actually rides more comfortable is MAYBE a 997 turbo. Trans noise? Its only clunky when coming to a dead stop. The car doesn't like being driven slow. It likes throttle and torque.

The bad DD for me is that the car attracts too much attention and with a modified exhaust its too loud to use the car phone and conduct business. I find myself lugging the engine so clients dont ask "are you in a race car?"
You have to think twice before you park it at the mall or near anyone who is careless with their doors.
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