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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Ricky great points, but that GTR on 91 is about even with a Mild cammed C6 Z06, the GTR's have come a long way on 91 since I ran them in my VT625, but you're right, I ran a E85 GTR and it was close, he's around 600+whp on a Mustang, that vid will be posted soon.

The one problem both Longboarder (VT600) and I had were we had to run MDM (traction control) on every run, yet we still either lost traction at the start or had power cut at the beginning, and for between shifts, you could really feel the car slow down, I experienced this on every run, lol. Unfortunately because of the cold weather, there wasn't much else we could do, such is RWD life.
Yep, the newer ones are significantly faster than the older ones.
Check out this thread, should give us a good idea of what these newer 2013's put down:

When I run, I easily can lose 1-5 carlengths depending if I bounce the rev-limiter/fuel cutoff or even spin during the shifts - I see what you're saying there, it completely kills the momentum and ruins the race