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Originally Posted by jphughan
Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Who says I dont use the performance? I dont need to go to a track to have some fun blasting a highway onramp or taking some tight curves. The braking power also comes in handy when the highway comes to a sudden stop in rush hour

I think you are confused about what the M3 was designed for. Its a street car that can be taken to the track, not the other way around.
Like I said above, go to a local track event as a spectator and catch a ride in an M3, then try to come back and say that the accelerating, braking, and cornering you do on the street is just as fun. I think you'll be amazed at how much faster you can get through corners than you are right now (or at least how much more safely, smoothly, and confidently you can get through corners at your current speed).
I was not comparing the experience of driving on the street to driving on the track. I was responding to the quoted post saying that it is pointless to own an M3 unless you take it to the track.

I have no doubt the M3 makes an awesome track car and obviously driving on a track is way more fun than on the street. I was just rebutting the notion that the M3 is not meant to be a daily driver and you can't have some fun with it on a daily commute.