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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
Axle tramp is the just the cars tires and rear suspension trying to cope with the power you're throwing at it and get traction at the same time. The tires initially spin, then get traction then spin then traction causes a small chain reaction and you get the rear tires basically bouncing up and down fighting for traction. There are ways to overcome this but short of turning your M3 into a drag car , I'd leave it alone and stop spinning the tires
This. This car isn't really set up for burnouts and such. A solid axle rear suspension pony car (e.g., Mustang) would be a lot better for this type of stuff but an M3 is much better around corners and on uneven surfaces. If you really care, there are ways of modifying your suspension that could get rid of the axle tramp (often different damping rates, addition of stabilizer links in the suspension, etc...) but then you're building a drag car.