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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
That being said. The interior was actually pretty brilliant on the s2000. A pure sports car with no frills. Two knobs for the air, and 2 buttons for the radio which were on the drivers side so your passengers couldnt fuck with it? Who knows why they put it there. They threw a huge digital tach in the center much like the racelogic LCD I have in my race car. Pretty simple and effective. However the s2000 is a one off platform car and our M3's are modified 3 series. They still and carry a generic interior over the entire lineup. The new 3 series and 6 series interior is a bit refreshing. At least its not as bad as audis a6 which I find hideous.
Hey, we actually agree on something

The S2K has a perfect driver's setup, awesome gearshift/trans, and perfect pedal placement. The digital dash didn't take me too long to get used to it plus it had the "IndyCar" PI dash look to it - I preferred the AP2 dash over the AP1 because the redline was closer to the center of the dash, although I did/do miss the "rush" from 8 to 9k rpm with the AP1/F20C

The new 6 series does have a well integrated interior design - hey, we agree on two things