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Did a bit of a research on Jasonbondpick.

Ok, here goes. Ive been a member of Jason Bond Picks now for 3 months and have had my shares of ups and downs as most everyone in the stock market does.

This last month has been a bit troubling and there has been quite a rumble stirring in the service about many picks that go bad. At one point we have a member that follows the day trade alerts for the most part and he is losing on 17 out of 18 picks. It happens now and again and it is what it is.

What bothers me though is that another member started to get a bit suspicious about his picks and started investigating the overall service as a whole, and what he came up with is quite amazing.

As of tonight I have been banned from the service for posting what another client had done research on and I wish to share this with the entire population, so that fewer people get fleeced.

I got threatened with a lawsuit for posting this for defamation, but seeing as how the information I will provide is legitiment, he has no grounds to sue.

Here goes..this is not my research and I do not take credit for it, but here is what has been learned.

In August, 2012, I received another email from Jason Bond encouraging his members to go very long on Vringo, Inc. (VRNG) with more passion than any objective trader should (ref link #1). I decided to peal back the curtain.

I offer absolutely no opinion here, I am strictly presenting information readily available to the general public.

Reference links are at the bottom of this text.

Checked to identify the registered owner of, it is Beacon Equity (ref link #2).

Beacon Equity; Jeff Bishop,

4828 S. Broadway #182 Tyler, Texas 75703

Beacon Equity is wholly owned by BlueWave Advisors (ref link #14).

Until recently the disclaimer page on Jason Bond Picks site (ref link #3) stated it is wholly owned by BlueWave Advisors (ref link #4). However, it has been changed to a shell company called Patriot Publishing. The terms and conditions page of the site (ref link # 5) lists Patriot Publishing’s address as:Patriot Publishing, LLC

1910 ESE Loop 323 #168 Tyler, TX 75701

That physical address is simply a UPS Store (ref link #6) which provides mail boxes (ref link #7). Also note that Tyler, Texas home of BlueWave, Beacon Equity and Patriot Publishing, has a population of just 98,500 people.

The same people own both BlueWave and Patriot Publishing, the relationship between all these companies can be seen here: lists VRNG as the subject of a paid promotion by Beacon Equity (ref link #8). In a posting on their site Beacon Equity confirms it was compensated ten thousand dollars to promote VRNG stock (ref link #9).

In another post on Beacon Equity’s site promoting LQMT, they disclose having front loaded LQMT with this statement “ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueWave Advisors, LLC. A principle of BWA has purchased one hundred thousand shares of LQMT in the open market and intends to sell them immediately following this email alert” (ref link #10.

Another site posted an article identifying a partial list of sites owned by BlueWave Advisors, including and (ref link #11).

Another site owned by BlueWave is They’re so cookie cutter it even has the same color scheme as

The renowned or infamous (depending on your point of view), Timothy Sykes expressed a rather strong opinion regarding Beacon Equity aka BlueWave on his site (ref link #12).