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Originally Posted by loveskiing View Post
Got to agree...
There are some cracks in the armor though...if Mariota goes down Bennett is not going to lead the Ducks anywhere...
Bama has built a record against inferior teams and might not really be tested till they play LSU and the Gators...
Gators seem to have the inside track here to the NC...
Am I the only one who thinks The Irish are overrated at #5?
KState seems real...looks like they could go undefeated...wonder if that puts them in over Oregon?
For my $$$, Ducks vs Bama or the Gators would be a true NC worth watching!
Hmmmm...who wouldda thunk? Bama was tested and came up short...
Mariota did go down and Bennett is truly one dimensional...kudos to Johnny Football for lighting things up...if each team that is undefeated wins out, it looks like KState and the Ducks...but I think America wants the Irish...not sure they can take the Trojans in LA...
While I know that it won't happen this year...can you imagine Mariota vs. Manziel in a NC game?