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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
There is definitely more control with a manual. All dual clutch transmissions do things on their own from time to time, even in full manual mode.

DCT being boring has to do with the fact that there is no clutch pedal and no stick shift for you to physically use and coordinate the action of. It is simply about how much physical interplay there is between you and your car, not the cars performance and response. The latter is clearly better with DCT.
theres things in a manual that you cant do on a dct as easily.. for example a 180 degree turn. in a manual you flick steering wheel left clutch in and pull handbrake, whilst you are turning you change back into first gear then when you are facing the correct direction clutch out and go.

in a dct it just doesnt work.. you can get up to the point of neutral but then when you want to get it back into first you gotta step on the brake pedal first.

another use is while drifting, you have more methods avalible to you. instead of just doing a Scandinavian flick you can tap the clutch before the corner instead.

thats also usefull if for example you come into the corner too fast and ur understeering out.

dct is boring because you dont make mistakes and at times (very rarely but still happens) the dct gets retarded and hesitates at shift. i like the fun of driving i dont care if im slower. i just really really miss heel toeing..
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