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Test drove some cars today, I feel like I got spoiled :(

So I was looking today for another family car in the low 20s. Something that I can use to put the dog in, run basic errands and just keep around as a "junker" and keep it for a long time. So I test drove the VW Tiguan, Subaru XV and Cr-V. After driving bmw and an Acura (wife's car), these cars just don't feel right. The whole time I felt really uncomfortable, these cars just did not feel solid at all. I felt like I was driving a tin can with a steering wheel. Am I losing my mind or did I get spoiled by nicer cars. I had a nissan murano before that I got rid off (lemon) that was in the same price range as cars I drove today, but that car felt solid and had more of a "truck" feeling. Can someone recommend a car in the low 20's (used ok too) preferably an SUV or at least AWD that feels "solid" when driven and doesn't have that tin can feeling. I would totally get another murano, but I just can't give nissan any more business after the terrible experience,, but that's another story.

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