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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post
Neither one of these "solutions" would work in this instance. T-Bolt clamps are very thick and the factory rubber couplings do not have enough surface area to utilize such clamps.

The factory manifold and TB's are designed for Natural Aspiration, they don't have bead rolled ends on the TB side. There is a minor rubber bead on the inside of the rubber coupler to ensure proper positioning of the factory coupler, but it is not enough to sustain high boost pressures.

For standard S/C kits which run 5-7 PSI of boost, T-Bolt clamps are not necessary on the compressor to manifold connection. Even in Drew's case, T-bolt clamping those locations would not serve a functional purpose.
I would agree that at least on the mani side the t bolts would be a tough fit, and that's where the idea of beading one surface areas comes into mind, but again I would think this would be a last result measure at best. I also see the reg clamps fine @ 5-7 psi, but am saying that a t-bolt for nothing other than aesthetics would look 10x better coming from the compressor to charge piping-manifold. I do think there is an alternative to a small t-bolt, but in the interim, maybe some hairspray on the couplers themselves is all you really need??