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Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
I don't know how mac works but in windows, I believe you can't use any more ram over 12gb at the moment.
Not correct, at least with 64bit Windows.

OP - all depends on your uses. Photoshop 64 bit can use 16 GB RAM, if you open lots of files at the same time and start adding layers, etc., it can get used up.

If you are doing basic stuff, you might not see a difference.

I'd get the 16GB since I would use it; my current laptop has 16 and I'm planning to upgrade to 32GB if I ever get around to it. However, I am in the software industry, I run virtual machines on my laptop that can each use 4GB, 8GB, or any amount of RAM, and generally have lots of crap running on my machine at the same time.

That doesn't mean you need it though

Although, the fact that you can't upgrade later makes it a PITA and if you do see yourself getting heavy into something that requires RAM, you might as well go for it now. That's a tough one to predict, understandably. If you don't foresee your needs changing, just get the 8GB and save the $$$.