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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
you missed the point. tech in general (without the math) there are courses and do-it-yourself study guides. a certification is enough to land a job, and then you can build experience.

btw, eecs from berkeley here (graduated with honors). a bigshot like yourself should be running your own business, not working for someone else.
you must have spent a lot of time hanging out in cory and soda working on CS61A problem sets .

i'm also an engineer from a top school (see above), w/ ivy league grad school. a few observations:

-business school (even HBS + Wharton) is a joke compared to engineering in terms of academic rigor.

-there are still plenty of jobs for engineers (especially from top schools); for many non-engineering roles, people value the problem solving skill set (corporate strategy, product management, trading, etc)

-MIS and related degrees are NOT engineering; those people don't have to take linear algebra, diff eq, multi var calc, or a calc based physics course.

i know the IT folks can do quite well for themselves, but i think they are at risk of hitting a ceiling, or layoff when offshore folks are brought on shore.

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