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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Hey guys this event was a f***ing blast! Drew is going to post up vids of all the runs. Here's a teaser of me and a Ford GT with an upgraded supercharger (~ 600 wheel) on a clean run...since it was already posted on the 335 forum.

My run with the VF car was NOT clean. Joe slid left and almost clipped me so thankfully he shut down. He was having major traction issues.

The car ran absolutely flawlessly. Big thanks to ESS and Malek @ MRF Engineering.

Here's a teaser of three other races:

I ran Robert Koh's (Vishnu) Z06 lightened ~ 3,000 lbs 615 wheel and tied.

I ran Ryan (Shift-S3ctor) camed, built Z06 making 550+ wheel and tied. This SAME car SAME driver put 3 cars on Drew when he drove the Arkym Orange e92 ESS VT2 650 at Trona.

I ran Drew's ESS Vt3 and he put maybe 10 cars on me
I was getting updates from the guys there that said you were doing really well against some pretty fast cars. Glad the car ran well for you all weekend and you got a chance to test it out in a safe location