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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post

You and Adam were running great out there. The AWD guys had a bit of an advantage with the very dusty air strip, but once hooked up, you guys were moving!

I will be in contact with Roman@ESS to come up with a permanent solution for "high-boost" applications to prevent manifold lift. Lot's of high boost cars have this issue, unfortunately it's never stated publicly too often. Tightie's car also had this same issue last year at a Speed District event.

On my end, I was happy to say I was able to put down really well against some really fast cars, such as the full E85+Meth FFTEC 335i.

You know the digits, hit me up if you need anything.Great chatting it up with you and Robert (Pencil Geek) yesterday. See you soon.


problem is easily solved using T-bolt clamps. I am actually very surprised that they're at least not used on the compressor to intake connections (for aesthetic reasons alone!).

Another solution would be to have beaded edges on the intake stacks that would totally prevent the couplers from coming dislodged.