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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
You probably know that it can't be installed behind the grill.

Shifters have a clear unobstructed off-axis view.
I didn't mean behind the grill. You could install the shifter heads in between the grill elements mounted vertically. But the farther out ahead they are the better so you wouldn't want to recess them if you put them in grills.

If they have a clear unobstructed view then they should be good. It's a little hard to see how far out they are in the pics. (Unfortunately, the further out they are the more conspicuous they are, i.e. non-stealth.) What I'm worried about is their ability to detect a laser hit aimed in the middle of the vehicle. They have to detect the laser first before they can "shift" and the lidar beam is not very wide, especially up close.


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