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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
The plate with the 3 studs tend to bend even at 13lbs of torque ... GC recommends 18lbs which will result in pulling one of the studs from the plate ... Also very noisy ... We have had 4 cars with the issues with GC plates ... One of them went back directly to GC and they were unable to fix it and offered my customer a refund. We of course were not compensated for the labor time and this is why we don't install GC anymore.

Vorshlag so far trouble free ...
Ok, thanks

The issue I've seen with GC plates is when people attempt to pull the F strut into the strut tower by torquing one screw. I've personally installed 4 sets of GC plates (fully torqued to 18 lbf-in) and I've had zero installation issues and zero noise issues. The only thing that creates noise, regardless of camber plate, is if the sway bar is not aligned properly on a lowered car and/or the OEM sway bar chassis mounting bushings are too tight (this is very common).