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Originally Posted by mikesis View Post
This is where my issue with ADV.1 comes. You seem to always include some sort of BS in your statements. Other than Triangle, over 50% of the inners and outers used in the USA are sourced from two companies in China/Taiwan. These chinese companies even have offices in LA to help distribute their products. Their parts are actually of very high quality and I have not seen any instance where there has been a catastrophic event like this when using their parts. MHT is no different than any of the other manufacturers. They also source from these 2 companies which they use to build your ADV.1 wheels as well.

You want to help your company? Post a certificate from STL Labs or any SAE/DOT certified lab where this specific wheel style, size, fitment and offset was physically tested and certified and and at what load rating and then you can blame your supplier for a part failure. Otherwise, ADV.1 is entirely to be blamed as this is the result of ADV.1s poor engineering and design, lack of physical/structural testing and lack of certification. If you tested the wheel, where are the pictures of the tested samples? Where are the certificates? I doubt that even an FEA was done on this part. After 2 years we are starting to see the catastrophic failures. You are manufacturing one of the most crucial components in a vehicle where a product failure could result in a fatality. Safety and quality standards should be the #1 priority.

And please don't challenge my post, because I`ll post information that will embarrass you. Cut the BS, state facts and stop putting blame on everything else and putting ADV.1 like the holy grail.
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