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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Neither M-DCT nor VW/Audi DSG are automatics.

They are almost identical to a manual transmission, less the whole two clutches thing. The commonly used term to decribe these is "automated manual" which is a perfect term becuase it is a manual and the clutching and lever pulling are automated. Don't forget you will be able to shift purely manually (no shifts except those to prevent stalling) where every shift is ONLY initiated by a paddle or the lever, OR put it in automatic mode which will behave practically like an automatic although lighter, smoother, more efficient, faster, etc.
I agree with this 100% well put!

In the period of just over 1 year I had 3 e92 cars (2011 MT car was slightly used, then a 2012 MT new an finally a 2011 new DCT). You might ask why change from a 2012 to a 2011, well the wife wanted to go from 2 cars to only 1 car, then changed her mind. Not that I care (for about four weeks the discussion was between my m3 or our dd and in the end I won to keep the m3 only change to the DCT since the wife does not touch a MT) so it's all good.

As for the transmission, I like both, only now I like the DCT better not because I am over 70 oh no I simply love the marvel of engineering and the smoothness of shifts as well as the options one has to use the stick, the paddles or leave it to the computer.

BTW ... Some posters here hint to the "elderly" to drive the DCT ... I can only say I drove my share of MT in my life, then let us be hornets, how many times did we shift into the wrong gear or even stall the car ... Let them ask the self that question .... I have a few times and I am not a shamed to admit it.
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