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No decision yet as to whether the January Laguna school is a go or not... I think the HPDE team wanted to get some feedback from students/instructors during this weekend's Thunderhill school before deciding. The monthly board meeting is on Tuesday, so if I hear anything I'll update here.

I must have missed responding to some of the earlier comments while traveling...
If any students aren't getting the feedback/instruction quality that you think you should be getting, I'd encourage you to bring it up with the chief instructors so that they know. We don't do paper evals like LA does, but ask your instructor for feedback if they don't give it to you, and if you have comments about your instructor, let the CI's or registration staff know... maybe drop them an email afterwards.

As aus mentioned, GGC instructors only get reimbursed for half their hotel room cost, and get lunch. A few years ago, GGC used to pay for the full hotel room cost, but cut it to half (to get instructors to share rooms) to try to help offset rising track rental costs. That's something that other west coast chapters haven't had to do yet. The instructors are all volunteers who are in it mostly for the enjoyment of teaching students to drive better. Nobody is getting paid, and in fact they're all paying out of their own pockets for gas, tires, brakes, etc. In between students, they may get some track time, but quite often it's taking a student out as a passenger as a teaching exercise, certainly not because they are out trying to set a lap record!

BMWCCA does mandate minimum standards (so do PCA and other clubs) which all the chapters need to abide by... Look up the operations manual on the national BMWCCA website and you'll get a sense of how that leads to the CCA format and safety policies.

Cost wise, the numbers are straightforward. Call up any track and ask them the rental costs, add in corner/safety workers, and insurance, any other costs (in our case instructor half hotels and lunches), and then divide by the number of students. CCA schools on the west coast typically have no more than ~25 cars per run group to limit traffic, and 4 run groups so there is more track time. The only way to lower costs is to have more paying participants, which means more cars on track at a given time, and/or more/shorter run groups. Our previous driving events coordinator wrote up an article with the numbers a few years ago in the newsletter. Since then, track rental costs have continued to go up.

jbass524 - not sure what you meant about being told not to share video of instructors... I've never heard anything along that line. You do mean BMW club, right? You wrote "GGR" but that would be Porsche club, "GGC" is BMW club.

Anyone feel free to PM me if you want to talk more offline. I think everyone in the club wants fun, cheap, and safe events... Just remember that the club is non-profit and the volunteer staff only has so much free time when they are not doing their day jobs to organize club events!
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