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Originally Posted by lacartus View Post
Can't wait, sounds great in person; and I heard no drone in my test drive! Thx Ohh_5h1t for letting me take a listen to yours.
No doubt man glad you came out! we put it side by side to my buddie's stock one and the difference is like night/day! Totally worthit! Just bear with us cuz we have like 6 cores right now so we gotta re-up as we do installs. I'll let you know an ETA this week as soon as we can figure it all out. We got a lot more inquiries than we were ready for. Well worthit though!

Originally Posted by SSJVegita View Post
hey guys im on the list, do i need to contact anyone to make appointment?
I'm keeping track. You'll hear from myself or Lalit@AUTOcouture within the next few days. Just bear with us.

Originally Posted by JoM3z View Post
I had a few things to do, I was planning to meet up with you guys by Bear Mountain, but I got stuck doing errands. Let me know about the eta, definitely free this coming Saturday.
For sure. We have more inquiries than we prepared for so we're in the process of arranging things so it makes sense. You will hear from me/Lalit within the next day or two...

Originally Posted by dbrad View Post
where is the meet this sunday???
It was at ACM... here's the thread for it below... pics from today coming up soon. We'll be doing another one in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!