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doubt about female friend...

I have this weird relationship/friendship with a female friend of mine. We are both socially awkward, quiet/shy nerds. Weíre 22 years old, have similar personalities and both donít have that many friends, well we have acquaintances but not people we consider to be close friends. We met each other through classes 4 years ago in 2008 and we got along well for that 1 semester of class but after that we didnít talk or hang out at all until I ran into her May 2012 when we realized that we both worked in the same building and just a few lab rooms down the hall. We started talking, catching up and hanged out a bit. As the summer progressed, we became closer friends. Even at the end of the summer, I helped her move apartments twice (its complicated, but she didnít like her new place and moved again after 2 weeks). And as time passed, we hanged out more and more to the point where we basically got dinner every night and usually hang out/ talk about random stuff for a few hours before dropping her off back at her apartment. The thing is that we have talked about relationship stuff and I know that Iím not her type and technically, sheís not my type. I say technically since she is VERY cute and wife- material, but I canít imagine us being together for the long haul. Her bipolar personality compounded with her family obligations makes it not too feasible for us to get together, so I basically threw that thought out the window. She also has this other guy that she has a crush on. So now, we are just friends and Iím ok with it. I mean, we hang out a lot and get dinner together almost every night, which is kinda convenient since Iím not so lonely and always eat by myself or order take out. My problem is that Iím not sure if I should still spend time with her or so much time... I sometimes feel like Iím wasting time by not meeting other people but to not hang out with someone because thereís no chance of getting into a relationship seem like a very shallow reason to alienate someone. Iím more of a sentimental/ stereotypical Ďniceí guy and Iím not trying to get in her pants or anythingÖ but at the same time, I donít want to screw myself over by wasting so much time on someone who has no future. I do value her as a friend thoughÖ what should I do?

For those of you who are gonna tell me to grow some balls, tell me to PIITB or ask for pictures, save your time and just move on to the next thread. thanks!