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Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
With all that's said.. I installed my springs today, and took me and a buddy a little under 2 hours.

Time spend
FL: 45 mins
FR: 30 mins
RL: 20 mins
RR: 15 mins

Install was expedited with the help of this DIY:

And so far I am Very happy with the results. It's Just Right with the drop all around..

I will post better pics after I give her a wash.

I'm also gonna have my PSS's put on on Monday F:255 R275. I'm also running 12mm MS Spacers all around, I wonder if the added 10mm in the rears would rub with the spacers on.

Anyways, its late, goodnight
With your first picture it totally shows the gap that all lowering springs have for the E92 M3. The Z4MC/Z4MR had the same issues with all their lowering springs. Suspension gets rid of the gap or a front lip.

Just looks off and not right, thus most people after a few weeks to months move back to OEM suspension or coilovers.

But if you are happy with it then thats all that matters really.