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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
Guys check on eBay and you'll get a reference that these motors sell for about 8-10k. I also don't see it being an issue to bolt up dct as the s85 is essentially the same engine as the s65 with 2 extra cylinders. Also the 6 speed has been known to bolt right up to the s85
Firstly; Using eBay as a reference point isn't exactly a credible source of information. Who knows what the car went through, how hard it was driven, if it is even running in 100% condition (running at all?), there could be 101 problem with the eBay listings. My engine can be seen for inspection before removal, as well as the DCT.

Secondly; Do you have links? References? True data to support your theory that the S85 can support a DCT? The DCT was released after the S85 as you well know and the two-cylinder difference can have all the difference in the world for it not being able to handle the DCT.

Lastly; Again if you have supporting evidence to your last statement of the 6 speed being known to bolt right up to the S85 please share that with me as I would rather have a 6 speed than the SMG (that is of course if I cannot have a DCT altogether).