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Originally Posted by Voltigeur

Not sure on front but some dingbat pulled his SUV into a tight space at the airport while I was away on business and dinged my corner. To his credit he left insurance details - yes there are still honorable people

Repairs incl. new bumper and paint came in ~ $1k.

Now, by way of comparison I was merging and from underneath the truck in front came some flattish black object. I could not avoid it and ran over the black object (3 weeks ago) and thought it was a tire 'alligator'.

Until 1 mi later when I got 1st flat tire warning - then multi. Cut to chase: 4 news tires (to match up all 4) for the 2 flats; 1 new wheel .. and then they go to align and does not, not out by much but just enough to warrant a new strut. Add in 1 new front right strut ($1300 installed).

Total came to ~$4k. Well, there's my Brembo BBK!

So yes, I know it's upsetting to have any work done on one's Beast.
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