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Originally Posted by X2Board
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So, basically, you are buying a car from someone who needed to finance it, then wants to sell it before the term of finance is up. To me, you are dealing with someone who isn't the best planner or the most financially responsible. I would contact the lien holder directly, pay off that amount directly, then pay the difference to the seller.
What?! You mean you keep all of your cars until you pay them off? With super low interest rates why wouldn't you finance and sell if you wanted to? I've been through 4 cars in the last 5 years and I haven't lost a penny in any of the deals. (I stopped buying new after my first 11 cars) it's called using othe people's money.

I don't consider myself a poor planner and with an 840 fico I am definitely not financially irresponsible.
With interest rates at 0.49% through Penfed on car loans it would be less wise to pay all cash for a car. Keep your savings and use it on investments where your cash is earning 5-12%, like buying up real estate . Then your investment is paying for your car.