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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
I can't agree with Panerai being Maserati / Ferrari. They have a great facility but their most popular sellers are just 6497/98-2 movements at redonkulous prices. Panerai is the caser of luxury watches; feeding off the ignorance of consumers. Only their limited / in-house editions are worth buying and even then, they're still a bit overpriced. Damn good looking designs, though...
Good post and I agree with your perception of Panerai (I personally don't care for the look, although I know they are currently rivalling Rolex for maintaining value).

But speaking of Rolex, they are one of the world's most iconic and valuable brands. However, solely speaking in terms of performance/quality/reliability , as a time piece, they are quite mediocre.

Just goes to show you what stellar marketing and brand development means in the retail world (cough, cough....BMW).