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Not a surprise at all. This isn't the M Division I came to love as a boy, as I would watch the E36 and E46 dominate racing then the few truly special editions that followed roll out like the Lightweight and the CSL that held a strong place as posters on my wall. There is no kid today that will pin an E92 Lime Rock or DTM Champion Edition M3 on his wall. When I was a kid the CSL came out and that was motivation for me to study so I can eventually buy one like that brand new when I get out of college. It's heartbreaking because I know the M Division will never again make a car like that because it's more watered down than a movie theater soda after all the ice has melted. The only thing that has me interested in the next M3 is that it will hopefully have a clutch pedal compared to the next C-Class AMG (fuck those boring Audis, not even going to try). If they get rid of those too... the newest M car I'll ever buy will be an E46 M3.

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I predict another special edition by the end of month!

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