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Finally broke out my DSLR and snapped a few good ones

I like how when you look straight on the depth of the "blades" and the milled slots are completely hidden and only shows the sleek spokes, maximizing view to the rotor and caliper.

Then when you move your viewpoint (a little or a lot) you see a different dimension. Revealing the depth of the spokes - wide near the hub and tapering as it goes to the outside.

The rear is so meaty - you can hardly tell it's 295's unless you look lower. But the concavity gives you a little hint of how with these puppies are....

Those milled slots are so awesome. They are far from cosmetic. The weight removed from the slots are substantial. They are very deep and wide. Here are some pictures demonstrating it.

I agree with fruitcake that perhaps 19s may look better but definitely the 18's will have an advantage on the track. Compared to my te37sl 18's there is a noticeable difference. The steering feels VERY responsive. When I turn up my suspension to full stiff it's no longer as harsh on the street. I can tell the dampeners are responding faster with all the unspring weight loss. I'm hitting the track thursday and will report after