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OEM Exhaust Mod

Wow! the sound is amazing, truly amazing, for the first time since I had the car, you see people turning their heads around to see the car.... It is not annoyingly loud, or even loud at all, to me it sounds like a sport car with a V8 should sound, very clean, natural and inspiring. When you are cruising at a steady speed you can hardly hear the exhaust, but when you press on the gas, Man, it just sounds like it means business! I just came from Knoxville, TN to Asheville, NC (120 miles) through HWY 25, beautiful scenery as you can expect from the TN and NC mountains, and the back country roads with 68F, rolling hills, and curves that will make anyone feel like Fernando Alonso! and the Sound, oh, just beautiful Sound!

Will try to put a video soon, I'm taking advantage of the day, putting the top down, and cruise in Downtown Asheville!