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Smile A good dealer experience - STBMW - and enjoyed the F30 328i loaner

After reading some of the threads on here about dealers putting excessive miles on cars during maintenance/repair work, and others having difficulties of different kinds with other dealers, I thought it's worth recognizing the ones that treat their customers right. In my case, that would be Steve Thomas BMW. I've had nothing but good experiences with them. From the initial purchase to service. I had a small issue with some body work two weeks ago, and I called them and they'd said they'd take care of it. I drove the 100 miles to get there, dropped the car of, they had a F30 328i waiting for me as a loaner, and a couple of days later I got the car back and it was as good as new. No excessive miles on the car, no haggling, no going back and forth, and no increases in blood pressure.

Mind you, I'm in no way affiliated with STBMW, but like many of you, I've had my share of bad dealer experiences, and as much as I complained about other dealers, I've made it a point to speak positively on behalf of those that do treat their customers right.

On the subject of the loaner, the F30 328i, I have to say I was quite impressed. It was as basic as it gets, with just the enhanced bluetooth and metallic paint, and the 8AT, and it felt extremely light (toss-able) and quick. Strong engine with good pull throughout the powerband, but what surprised me the most was the comfortable ride despite the runflats. It's a marked improvement over the E90s with runflats. The steering on the other hand was very bland, with no change in feel whether loaded or not. It was difficult to feel what the front end was doing. I'm not a fan of slushbox transmissions, and while the 8AT was smooth in its shifting (up and down), it still felt like it was masking its slushbox roots, unlike the feeling you'd get in a proper DCT (my M3 is a 6MT). But overall, I was impressed with the F30 chassis, as this was my first time giving one a go. It makes me very hopeful for the F80 M3.