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OP, nice video! I am going to bring up an almost dead thread to throw my video of the dragon in here

I grew up in this area, and have driven these roads thousands of times. The dragon quite often as well. The locals...even in trucks, vans, suv's will cross the double when there is clear line of sight. Everyone does it, everyone knows we do it. What the "locals" don't want is people who are unfamiliar with mountain driving to cross the yellow. That is why they say not to do it. You would be amazed at the people who have never driven mountain roads before and then come to the dragon and try to go 100% all out. I think there can always be exceptions to the rule, and for the OP, he obviously knows the road well (like me) and can cross the double at certain times with no problems or danger to any person at all. I can also tell you that no one will drive this road unless they really want to. 80% of the time traffic is heavy and very slow so you can't drive spirited, there are no homes off the road, and it is the long way around to anywhere. So "normal" traffic doesn't frequent the dragon much unless they are lost or just wanted to see the area for some reason.

Anyway, with that said, here is my vid...and if anyone comes this way send me a PM and I will meet up with you and do a few runs if I am around the area.

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