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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Joe@Trinity? He's probably not the only, but you need to remember he was rocking a VF620, RPi Catless X-Pipe & a 91/109 octane blend (this gave him the last 20 WHP to bump him over 600 WHP, not an upgraded pulley).

The VF650 (different pulley/tune & requires 93 octane) with a Completely Catless Exhaust can probably put down 590/600 WHP easily.
The main difference between Joe@Trinity's car and this one is simply the gas. So your telling me the 80whp+ difference is due to race gas

If you think that 600whp is easily achievable on these cars with a simply bolt on VF kit and 93 octane then you are mistaken. Who knows, maybe it's possible on the EAS dyno and using "STD" correction factors (from what I've seen their dyno reads abnormally high in comparison to others, and I'm not sure why this "STD" trend has caught along to inflate the numbers when its "SAE" that's the most important imho) - but on a realistic dyno using SAE a bolt on VF kit on 93 is not even breaking into the 580whp+ range. I've seen E9X M3's from essentially every kit but Gintani/Gpower both on the dyno and at the track and I can tell you that 600whp in not an easy number to break on a REALISTIC dyno (nor are breaking 10's or trapping over 130mph - the stars need to align); and to do so your going to need at least 8.5psi, meth, lightweight wheels, full catless, race gas, and COLD weather [how is it that all of the E9X record holding M3's at the east coast are barely grazing into the 580whp range and maybe clipping 600 wheel, with meth racegas 18lb wheels and great 50 degree weather; but a lowly 620 kit with simply racegas is putting down over 600whp easily in 85 degree weather in California (meanwhile this VF car got absolutely walked by a bolt on E85 GTR and the very same M3's holding E9X platform records that are dynoing 20whp less are pulling 2-3 cars on bolt on E85 GTR's easily? - Just goes to show something about the dyno being used.] I've learned not to pay attention to this influx of dyno posting on this forum (especially with the debate between blowers and the new AA lineup) because they can be very misleading due to the ease of manipulation and variance (correction factors, weather, etc...) between them - timeslips are a much better indication of what the motor is putting down.

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