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Originally Posted by SAINT VAN ROCK View Post
JP....luckily I have a couple of expendable Ford Expeditions for the winter. So far the weather here in CoS has been amazing. I am getting a lot of time in the M3 this season! Funny thing is that I see no less than 2 M3's a day when I am driving my hooptie and 0 when I am out in the M, lol!
Bro, I am so ready to be in COS so we can tear up the place ///M Flight style!! Yeah, got some pics from my sister the other day, she's in short sleeves and my dad is still rocking polo's....and here in Germany it's raining, 40 degrees, and done with Europe!!! And no worries, we'll make sure everyone starts to figure out who we "M Flight" are!! I'm working with Hans, trying to figure out how to make a door magnet I can put a big ass flight logo on....we need to get the word out brother!!!