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Get Faster, Brake Later

If you have mastered the skill of being smooth and familiar with the control of your car, then you will naturally pick up your pace and go faster around the track. At higher speeds, brakes tend to fade which results in decreased control of the car causing you to have much less confidence on the track.

This is exactly what one of our customers experienced at a 3-day event at Laguna Seca. The car felt great, but with the higher speeds the braking zones became shorter and the brakes started to give up. The decision was made not to do any radical changes, but just to upgrade the brakes and get some stickier tires.

The stock setup was stock 18" wheels and stock Michelin PS2 tires. Stock brake pads, stock DOT4 fluid.

The new setups - Brembo 380mm , OE 19" wheels, OE size Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

These upgrades to the brakes and tires resulted in immediate improvement in the control of the car.