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Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
The RS1 is a SA damper with an internal canister (adjust N2 pressure). I have no personal experience with the AST 4250 (or even the 4200; also I do not know if they have an internal adjustable canister?) but the AST is a DA damper...Harold is in a much better position to compare the two dampers. However, I just switched from a Moton DA damper to the RS1 and I've been extremely impressed with the performance and range of adjustment of the RS1. Harold is correct - the RS1 damper does have a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality
4200's, like the RS1's use internal canister as well.

4250s when officially released will be right up there in performance with other top brands, but there may be some rough edges and time spent on set-up that James mentioned.

JRZ RS1's require much less setup to yield the performance you expect from dampers of this caliber.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I think something like a KW V3 or TCKline x2 adj setup is in the class of an AST 4250. I believe these JRZs are a step up in terms of performance...and a small step up in price as well.
Having personal experience with KW V-series(numerous Swift spring conversions try to improve them), TCKR DA's and AST's. KW V-series do not have nearly the performance of the TCK DA's because the use of progressive spring rates and the valving package on the TCKR's are much better and more precise. The AST 4250, when properly set-up, would be above the level of the both KW V-series and TCKR DA's.

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