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Originally Posted by benzy89
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These kits seem pretty solid. They always have great numbers. Is joe's the only VF car to put down over 600 at the tires though? I know he had much higher octane but that was the only difference correct? Or did he have a smaller pulley as well. (Stupid phone doesn't want to load older threads so I can't check lol)
Joe@Trinity? He's probably not the only, but you need to remember he was rocking a VF620, RPi Catless X-Pipe & a 91/109 octane blend (this gave him the last 20 WHP to bump him over 600 WHP, not an upgraded pulley).

The VF650 (different pulley/tune & requires 93 octane) with a Completely Catless Exhaust can probably put down 590/600 WHP easily.
Yea Joe@trinty (great guy). He has the same set up as this except he had higher octane like a said. I'm assuming when the original post said he had both cats deleted that that is similar to x-pipe delete. Just was curios what all the differences were obviously I know comparing dynos from different cars on different days leaves a bunch of variables on the table but was just seeing if the octane boost is what got his car in the 600 club