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American's deserve the country they asked for.

It won't be until the pain is felt with significant cuts for out of control spending that folks will realize that its too late. Then when you had to rely on the government for so long that in time of need - the government should be the last place you depend on when EVERYONE begins to struggle.

I say the hell with it - Raise taxes on the wealthy. Make it 100% of their income since they don't deserve it. Obviously 35-50% isn't enough even though the majority of the Federal revenue is provided by them already. What right do the rich have to that money made on the backs of the working poor?? It belongs to the poor/middle-class, not the rich.

Also - let's do Single payer health care. Abolish all Health Insurance providers and let the Fed. Government be the single cost provider. And the next logical step is why should doctors make money off the misery of others - take all their money too as its unethical to enrich yourself for problems not the fault of the individual. To me that makes a lot of sense to be in line with the moral qualifications of the left.

Let's gut Defense to nothing but 2 aircraft carriers (without bayonets obviously) and that should be enough to protect our homeland and nothing else while finally putting a fork in the military industrial complex. Pull every troop out of any country not called U.S. of A. since its none of our damn business to be involved in any country's affair. I don't care how many of their own people they kill.

All teachers, cops, firefighters and union workers should have a minimum salary of 120k, with full pension, no cost medical and 6 weeks vacation. That's a reasonable working wage to be able to afford decent things in life. That should be regulated against every business.

And finally remove all border agents as it is discriminatory against all struggling people of the world to come here and make a decent living. They are nothing but undocumented so what right do we have to tell them they can't come in just because they misplaced their papers?? Each immigrant child should get free elementary, high school and college education - if it comes at the cost of an American citizen, then they should pay their fair share since that is unjust since you were lucky enough to be born here.

As a token of Democrat appreciation - conservative women will be allowed to keep any babies they create and not be forced to abort them. Only if population doesn't get too high and we don't go to a one-child policy. But gender selection will be allowed so if you always wanted a boy but got all girls - you can legally abort them in or out of the womb until you get what you want.

If Republicans do ALL THAT - then we would be inclusive enough to finally get the Latino, Single-woman, Gay, Black and Middle-class vote. Only then will the Republican party amount to any political influence - only catch is that you'll have to change your name... to Democrats.
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